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Reach One

Beulah's Inspirational Corner

Life Coach/Mentor-Talk to youth about everyday life challenges and ways to cope with them

Health & Wellness-provide information about the human body and how to care for the body

Health & Fitness- Teaching Health and fitness,basic of nutrition, and creating healthy habits        Financial Literacy-Provide financial literacy and credit building education

 ALH Modeling-Motivator and supporter of their dreams. Modeling coach

Basic Life Skills-Instructing on activities of daily living

Looking and Cooking with TT-Zoom cooking class

Mental Health-Educating youth on Mental Health Issues

Mass Communication-Learning the skills broadcasting

Jump Start Program-Collaborating with local businesses to employ our youth

Real Talk- Current foster youth (caterpillars-13-17yr) ex- foster youth (emerging butterflies18-30) and seasoned foster youth (soaring butterflies 30+) will share life lessons with each other and establish a sisterhood/support system via zoom meetings

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